Matrickz TechTalk Episode 74:

„Automotive Ethernet“

Automotive ethernet is a reliable and much faster networking protocol that is fueling the emerging technologies in the automotive industry like self-driving cars, such as in-vehicle communication, measurement and calibration, and diagnostics.

In this video, Gilad Bandel of Arilou Automotive Cybersecurity will talk about automotive ethernet and how their company’s tools help with this aspect. Among other interesting topics, he will also talk about the following:

- His experience in cybersecurity
- CAN bus vs. ethernet
- Moving to ethernet
- Using CAN protocol and certifying for UNECE WP.29
- Arilou’s tools for authenticating and sending messages
- Ethernet security
- Adaptive AUTOSAR and ethernet
- Monetization models for automotive cybersecurity
- Possibility of an app store for the automotive industry

By the end of this insightful discussion, you will have an idea of how ethernet works in automotive vehicles and how Arilou works with cybersecurity.

Dr. Hasan Ibne Akram and Gilad Bandel
Matrickz TechTalk Episode 73:

„3 Pain Points of Data Annotation in Autonomous Vehicles“

Data annotation is a very important aspect of autonomous vehicles because data is going to be one of its main enablers.

There are 2 kinds of data:
- Data to train
- Data to test

In this video, Lucas van Zuylen will join the discussion about the 3 pain points of data annotation in autonomous vehicles:

1. The Regulation & Data Protection [2:10]
2. The Safety [4:20]
3. The Time and The Cost [9:58]

By the end of this discussion, you will realize how the automotive industry is really complex and how data annotation works in autonomous driving. Data companies are not safety experts and everything that you don’t annotate for, an AI cannot look for.

Dr. Hasan Ibne Akram and Lucas van Zuylen
Matrickz TechTalk Episode 72:

„Autonomous Vehicle Data Annotation“

Annotating the data in the correct way is very important for the autonomous vehicle industry. It is the process of tagging or classifying the objects in the frame as captured by the autonomous vehicle.

In this video, Philip Kessler will talk about Understand.ai and how their company annotates data.

By the end of this insightful discussion, you will have an idea of how data annotation works in autonomous driving and how Understand.ai performs this task.

Dr. Hasan Ibne Akram and Philip Kessler
Matrickz TechTalk Episode 71:

„6 Steps Towards ISO 21434 Compliance“

ISO 21434 “road vehicles - cybersecurity engineering” is an automotive standard focusing on cybersecurity risks in road vehicle electronic systems. Becoming compliant with this can help automotive product developers, OEMs, and their suppliers to prioritize the safety and security of their vehicles.

A lot of people are still asking questions on how they can be compliant with ISO 21434.

In this video, we will discuss more the steps on how Matrickz helps clients achieve ISO 21434 compliance.

- Audit/analysis of the existing process landscape
- Identification of synergies
- Defining the phases of cybersecurity
- Kick-off a cybersecurity pilot project
- Internal audit
- Interfaces with cybersecurity

Dr. Hasan Ibne Akram