Episode 20:

„Testing Autonomous Vehicle by Simulation (2019)“

In this episode, Michael DeKort, the founder and CTO of Dactle talks about how autonomous via simulation. With his defense and aviation background he throws out some new perspective in this episode.

Michael DeKort & Hasan Akram

„LIN Code Generator - Tutorial (2019)“

Unser Senior Software Ingenieur, Klaus Winterhoff, hat einen LIN Code-Generator entwickelt. Dazu hat er ein Videotutorial erstellt, um Ihnen dieses Projekt näher zu bringen.

Klaus Winterhoff
Episode 19:

„Timing Issues in Automotive Software Development (2019)“

In this episode, timing issues of automotive software development is discussed with Peter Gliwa, the CEO of Gliwa Embedded Systems GmbH.

Peter Gliwa & Hasan Akram
Episode 18:

„Bootstrapping a Tech Company without Venture Capital (2019)“

In this episode, Peter Gliwa, the CEO of Gliwa Embedded Systems talks about how to bootstrap a tech company, without any venture capital. Peter Gliwa is the founding CEO of Gliwa Embedded System that he founded 15 years ago and has been able to successfully scale with absolutely no external investment.

Peter Gliwa & Hasan Akram