Matrickz TechTalk Episode 17:

„How to Raise 18 Million Dollars (2019)“

In this episode, the CEO of Silexica, Maximilian Odendahl tells us how he raised 18 Million Dollars for his companies second round of fund raising.

Maximilian Odendahl & Dr. Hasan Ibne Akram
Matrickz TechTalk Episode 16:

„Review of ISO 26262 Qualified Software Tessy for Automotive Software Testing (2019)“

In this episode, our fellow Matrizian colleague, Jaychandran Ramkumar, gives you a review of Tessy, a ISO 26262 qualified automotive software testing tool we use on a daily basis as a part of our tool chain.

Jaychandran Ramkumar & Dr. Hasan Ibne Akram
Matrickz TechTalk Episode 15:

„7 Attributes That Make an Engineer Outstanding (2019)“

In this episode, Dr. Hasan Ibne Akram, the CEO of Matrickz GmbH, explains the 7 qualities that make an engineer outstanding.

Dr. Hasan Ibne Akram
Matrickz TechTalk Episode 14:

„Automotive Security (ISO 21434) & Privacy vs. Innovation (2019)“

In this episode Mario Hoffmann drops by. Watch an interesting discussion of automotive security and privacy. How these two can slow or in contrary enable innovation.

Mario Hoffmann & Dr. Hasan Ibne Akram