Matrickz TechTalk episode 57:

„Autonomous Vehicle Safety (2020)“

There are 3 technologies that gonna change the industry once and for all, Autonomous Vehicle, Connected Vehicle, and Electrification of Vehicle.

And when we talk about autonomous vehicles, the pace of the automotive industry is somewhat slow compared to others in the last 20 years. But in the last decade, we have seen a little bit of the catalytic effect in this industry and Autonomous Vehicle is definitely moving the automotive industry faster.

There will be a good chance that the idea of owning a vehicle will be obsolete. In the future, people will use their vehicles like an app to move from point A to point B, be it the autonomous vehicle or a drone. Not only that, the safety mechanism and the lifespan of these vehicles will not be 20 years anymore. Because of these changes, there will be new safety challenges in the autonomous vehicles sphere.

Watch the stimulating discussions between our CEO, Dr. Hasan Ibne Akram, and John Maddox, the senior director - autonomous safety and compliance at Lyft.

Dr. Hasan Ibne Akram and Kerstin Purucker
Matrickz TechTalk episode 56:

„Thermal Camera in Autonomous Vehicles (2020)“

Self-driving cars are still experiencing trouble identifying pedestrians and other road hazards in harsh weather and bad lighting conditions. By using thermal cameras, we can solve those problems and the vehicles will be able to see in the daytime just as well as in the dark.

In this episode of Matrickz Tech Talk, Our CEO Dr. Hasan Ibne Akram talks about the thermal camera in autonomous vehicles with the CEO of AdaSky, Yakov Shaharabani.

Dr. Hasan Ibne Akram and Yakov Shaharabani
Matrickz TechTalk episode 55:

„High Definition Maps in Autonomous Vehicles (2020)“

As we know one of the problems that we see in the autonomous vehicle domain is the lack of accuracy and precision of GPS and map. We're depending on sensors like radar, lidar, and camera. That's why the High Definition Maps will be a solution to solve that problem.

In this episode of Matrickz Tech Talk, Our CEO Hasan Ibne Akram, PhD will be talking about the high definition maps in autonomous vehicles with James Wu, the CEO & Co-founder at DeepMap, Inc.

Dr. Hasan Ibne Akram and James Wu
Matrickz TechTalk episode 54:

„Automotive Cyber Security: from Passive to Active Approaches (2020)“

In this video, Our CEO Dr. Hasan Ibne Akram, PhD talks with Nathaniel Meron, chief product & marketing officer at C2A security about automotive cyber security: from passive to active approaches.

Dr. Hasan Ibne Akram and Nathaniel Meron